Lesson payment is due on the first lesson of each month. Other fees consist of the cost of books and the participation cost of recitals, festivals, and competitions.

Parental Responsibilities

Parental support is invaluable as students are learning an instrument. Encouraging students to practice and praising them for their efforts helps strengthen their resolve. 

Students should strive to complete practice assignments on their own, but parents should be active in reminding the student to complete daily practice assignments should a student forget. Remaining close to the student during practice and helping them read weekly assignments, creates a positive work environment and sense of security.

Parents are encouraged to attend their child’s lessons and are required to stay for with young students. Parental input is welcome and will help students progress.


Practice is essential to accomplishing lesson goals and for student progress. Make practicing piano a part of your daily routine to establish good work ethic habits and time management skills. The amount of practice time will vary depending upon the students playing level.  Fifteen minutes a day is the minimum all beginning students must practice. As the student progresses, more practice time will be necessary.